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Tuesday July 23, 2024
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Internal railway aids industrial park tenants

KINGMAN – The Kingman Terminal Railroad (KGTR) that operates within the Kingman Airport Industrial Park is increasing its business activity since its start in 2017. It connects Industrial Park tenants with the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe railway.
“They transfer rail cars between BNSF and all of the real user businesses within the industrial park– that’s either switching, bringing loads in that BNSF drops off, taking cars out,” Economic Development Manager Terri Curtis said during a June 4 presentation to the Kingman City Council.
“They currently have three engines at the park. They maintain over three miles of track out there, so their job is to make sure that the car loads, storage and switch moves are all taken care of,” Curtis said. “In 2023 we had 2,301 cars that were moved and in 2024 they’re looking at 2,842 cars to be moved.”
Curtis said the projected 23.5% business increase would represent $105,000 for the City in its revenue sharing partnership with KGTR. She said its 15 Industrial Park tenants highly value the railway.
“They are saying that it’s crucial for them to have the rail there. It’s vital to their business and supply chain,” she said. “Trucking cost them more than 1.5-times the amount of what it cost for rail. If it wasn’t for the rail, they wouldn’t be here in Kingman.”
Dave Hawkins