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Brady of Lake Havasu City named to U

LAKE HAVASU CITY - Irelyn Brady of Lake

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PHOENIX – Bettors in Arizona wagered approximately $656.3

Addressing the Silver Tsunami: A wake-up call for

Dear Editor,The Silver Tsunami, symbolizing the wave of

Little given prison time for traffic fatality

BULLHEAD CITY – A Bullhead City woman responsible

Ethel Mae Stewart Holyoak

Ethel Mae Stewart was born In Grants, New

Want money? Work and save some     

Dear Editor, The average stock market return has

Sunday June 23, 2024
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Addressing the Silver Tsunami: A wake-up call for Kingman”

Dear Editor,
The Silver Tsunami, symbolizing the wave of aging baby boomers entering retirement, poses multifaceted challenges for city municipalities.
As the Silver Tsunami approaches, it is crucial to understand the potential challenges it will bring. This demographic shift will have far-reaching consequences that we must address proactively. Ignoring these issues is not an option; we need to prepare now to mitigate the impacts on our community. Here are some scenarios that highlight the potential pitfalls and the urgent need for action.
Financial Instability After Losing a Partner

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Want money? Work and save some     

Dear Editor,
The average stock market return has been about10% every year for nearly the last century, as measured by the S&P 500 index. In some years, the market returns more than that, and in other years it returns less. Talk to a stockbroker or someone who works with Individual Retirement Accounts or do internet research before investing. You want to invest safely and wisely.

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Debate candidates were MIA

Dear Editor,
Hello and thank you for putting this in your newspaper as a report on the District 4 debate held on June 9.
My Name is Brett Forrester. I am a resident here in Golden Valley. I have lived here for three years with my son and his wife. We have property and we are very happy with living here. We have established our animals and mini farm for our enjoyment.

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Proof or Promise

Dear Editor,
The race for District #4 Supervisor in Mohave County has nine candidates and has become extremely contentious.
I have lived in rural District #4 for two decades and believe we would be better served by a candidate who cannot be controlled or swayed except by the will of the people.

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Town Hall in Free Fall

Dear Editor,
Early in 2024, as a concerned citizen I introduced the idea of a Kingman Town Hall meeting, a forum where the public could bring up a topic addressing individual members of the City Council and have a two-way conversation without the formalities or legalities of a regular City Council meeting.

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Wear good shoes inside your house

Dear Editor,
It’s better to work a job you enjoy than a job you hate. You will eventually fail at the job you hate. If you love your work, you don’t mind making less money but chances are more money will eventually be made from the work you love than from the work you hate.

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Thank you So Much……

The entire staff here at The Standard newspaper would like to thank our readers for their patience and support over the last few weeks and months as we have completely rebuilt our website. is our comprehensive and inclusive attempt to not only present the latest news and highlight upcoming events, but to provide avenues (links) to community resources that are important for the betterment of our community and Mohave County.

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There Is No Place Like Home

There is no place like home and there is NO HOME without a place. As a citizen of Kingman, I am very proud that the Kingman City Council has proven many times their pledge to help the homeless get off the streets. This effort started years back and the City Council continues to steadfastly pursue the duality of that goal.

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