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Sunday July 21, 2024
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Advantages of Active Early Voting List (AEVL)

Being on the Active Early Voting List allows a qualified registered voter to receive their ballot in the mail approximately 26 days before any election that the voter is qualified to vote in.  No more missed elections!!  Getting your ballot early allows you the time to fill out your ballots correctly and completely.  Many votes are not counted because the bubbles are not filled in correctly! 

The ballots were 19” long in the last general election because there were so many races and initiatives.  They could be as long or longer in 2024.  Wouldn’t you rather fill those bubbles in from the comfort of your own home?  You can take your time to do your research on the candidates and can fill out the bubbles completely while sitting in your own dining room or recliner!  Not to mention, what if you are not feeling well, or the weather turns bad, or you have to leave town unexpectedly before election day?  Having your ballot early will allow you to get it done, and you will have several options of when and how to turn it in:

1. You can drop it in the mail.  The County has already provided the postage.  Make sure you leave yourself enough time for it to get to Kingman BEFORE election day.  Not less than one full week!

2. You can drop it off in the box inside the Early Voting locations in Bullhead City, Lake Havasu City, Kingman (Mon – Fri in accordance with the Early Voting days 3 weeks prior),  or even the drop box near the security desk inside the County facility in Kingman.

3. On election day, you can bypass the line for getting ballots and walk directly to the drop box for AEVL ballots (if different) at any polling location, or again the drop box inside the County facility in Kingman!  This certainly speeds up the time you might be standing in line waiting for your ballot and then waiting for a voting booth to stand in while you fill out your ballot. 

For those that are caregivers, you can bring your ballot AND the ballot of your loved one to the polls, saving the hassle of getting someone to the polls who might not be able to stand for long, or might not be feeling up to it.  We want every vote to count and for everyone to feel safe at the polling locations. 

To get on the Active Early Voting List there are several ways to sign up.  You can go on line to: and click on REQUEST A BALLOT BY MAIL.   You can also stop by the County offices and pop in to see the Recorders office.  The form is in the office.  If computers aren’t your thing, give us a call at (928)753-0006.  We can mail you the form and you can mail it into the county recorder.  It is also online at, click on RECORDER (Dept) then look for the form on the left under Voter Registration. 

Voting should be easy.  We are here to help you if you have any questions at all. 

Elaine Downing, Mohave County Democratic Central Committee Chair 

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