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Who Is J.M.?

Dear Editor, Just read your article in the opinion section of The Standard Wednesday, March 20, 2024. You have a right to your opinion under the 1st Amendment of the Bill of Rights written into the United States Constitution. So here is my opinion: After every yearly State of the Union Address the political party […]

What’s wrong with our system?

Dear Editor, Mr. Mollette’s piece in the March 13 edition of The Standard about the diminished size of your Snicker bar fails to mention one little fact, and that is how wages have risen substantially over the years. Yes, time was when you could buy a car for a couple of thousand dollars and a […]

Leave No Person Behind

Dear Editor, As a Kingman resident everywhere I go I see men and women, young and old who identify in some way as being Military Veterans. I have come to learn that Mohave County has more veterans than any other County in the U.S. Almost 4 times as many, numbering over 23 thousand, comprising no […]

Does Kingman need a 25-foot cowboy?

Dear Editor, Kingman was founded in 1882 as an Atlantic and Pacific Railroad town. It was christened as the Mohave County seat in 1887. Kingman has an interesting history, known as a historic railroad town named after railroad surveyor Lewis Kingman. In its early days, via the railroad, Kingman was an important supply and shipping […]

Congress must demonstrate what it takes to succeed 

Dear Editor, Life is fragile and doesn’t last very long, so we should try to enjoy every day.  Be good to yourself and be good to other people. Treat people the way you would like to be treated. Speak to people in a manner that you would like for them to speak to you. Treat […]

An open letter to the City of Kingman, to the

Mr. Josh Noble presented a flowery, paid for by the city, slide presentation to the City Council last week. Thank you to the council members who spoke up in favor of Downtown Kingman. Mr. Noble’s presentation was very nice, very professionally done, but Mr. Noble failed to tell you all the truth about the other […]

The crazy lady in the kitchen

Dear Editor, I just may be howling at the moon but what was that strange performance I saw on TV the other night with Katie Britt? I’m clueless to who she is other than she represented her party with their response to our President’s State of the Union address. After hearing his speech I was […]

High Desert Hyundai lauded

Dear Editor, We want to thank High Desert Hyundai – Donnie and Lauri Ward – for holding a donation drive for the Mohave County Animal Shelter. The drive was very successful, and the cupboards aren’t as bare! Thank you to our amazing community for caring for the shelter animals. Lynn Kannianen Friends of Mohave County […]

What about the size of your Snicker’s bar?

Dear Editor, In his State of the Union address, President Joe Biden referred to an American dilemma – the shrinking Snicker’s bar. He pointed out that his Snicker’s bar purchase had less or fewer Snickers. I’m not exactly sure what a Snickers is, nuts, chocolate, sugar, the content of the bar. Size matters, when you’re […]

Will you help “Make America Great Again

Dear Editor, Will you help “Make America Great Again”? Please go to the Mohave County Elections office, and request papers to be an elected Republican precinct committeeman. Just collect 10 signatures of registered Republicans in your neighborhood precinct and turn them in by 5pm on April 1st. That’s it. Then you will be able to […]

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