Dear Editor,

Don Martin’s rebuttal to my letter in The Standard newspaper reminds me of a person who was caught with their hand in the preverbal “cookie jar of true facts.”

His personal attack on me was published on Wednesday January 31, 2024 in response to my letter to the editor regarding BLM’s inhumane method of utilizing helicopters.

Instead of debating the facts, he went on to attack me by making allegations and innuendos that were not true.

He inferred I was the de facto campaign manager for Jennifer Esposito and that can be no further from the truth. The only thing that vaguely connects me to Esposito is I believe she is the most qualified person to serve as District 4 Supervisor and I plan on voting for her.

Is Martin running for District 4 Supervisor because his cousin, Supervisor Jean Bishop, suggested he run just to split the votes amongst the other candidates? If so, then Bishop would believe the candidate she is supporting would have a better chance of winning.

I honestly can’t think of anything Martin has done for the residents of District 4.

There were two burros that died during the most-recent use of helicopters out of the 1,150 that were captured. I guess BLM believes the death of two innocent burros is incidental and they call it a “win win” result.

Martin, no matter how you attempt to “spin” the facts, about the only honest thing you can do is get on your mighty steed and ride off into the sunset.

There is no way you will win this debate and/or kerfuffle.

Butch Meriwether