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Kingman Young Marines extends thanks

Dear Editor, The Kingman Marine Corps League has official closed our Toys For Tots program for 2023. With help from the greater Kingman area, we were able to provide toys to 387 families with a total of 1417 children.  We want to thank all of you who supported our TFT program for 2023. We would […]

How far should presidential immunity reach?

Dear Editor, Let us presume Donald Trump prevails in his argument, that as president he should be immune from prosecution, even if his action violates standard law. The question I have is, if he wins this inane argument. What in the world would this mean if Joe Biden ordered Seal Team Six to execute Trump, […]

Women and the abortion issue will decide the 2024 election

Dear Editor, A woman has never told me she felt good about her abortion. For 39 years I served in pastoral roles in different places. I had numerous women tell me they felt like they had no choice. Some said they felt pressured to abort. Many were medical emergency situations and it was life or […]

MCC value enhanced by transformative shift to serve students and

Dear Editor, I am delighted to share a few of the remarkable accomplishments Mohave Community College (MCC) made in 2023 and our anticipations for an even more eventful and innovative 2024. I will attempt to be brief as I share some of the many new and exciting developments happening at your local College, including workforce […]

Coal Miner’s Son

Dear Editor, People occasionally will ask about my upbringing, family life and Appalachia roots. So, here is my song that I wrote and recorded titled Coal Miner’s Son. Maybe you can relate to some parts of the following lyrics.  Daddy slept all day, worked all night Got home early by dawn’s daylight. Mommy made gravy […]

Supreme Court in the limelight

Dear Editor, It’s beginning to look like the Supreme Court is going to be tested in a couple of dicey situations looming on the horizon. Very soon, it will be expected to rule on whether the states have the right, under section three of the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, to decide who is […]

Are you beginning 2024 a little fatter?   

Dear Editor, 2024 is here and congratulations – you are here to celebrate! This is the time of the year when people are making New Year’s resolutions. Typically, the most common is to lose a few pounds.  I suspect you want to lose a couple of pounds. Maybe you need to lose a lot of […]

Will you face 2024 with fear or fearlessness? 

Dear Editor, Wages are not keeping up with the cost of living. The cost of groceries, fast food, building materials, and most anything you can name has increased dramatically.  Millions of Americans are Social Security recipients. The modest increase coming in January will feel like a drop in the bucket. Every little bit helps and […]

Teaching the value of education to kids begins earlier than

Dear Editor, In the past 4 years, college enrollment in Arizona has fallen from 55.3% of high school graduates to 47.3%. In 2021, only 6.5 million male students enrolled in a postsecondary institution whereas 8.9 million women enrolled. Add in the absenteeism epidemic in America’s classrooms, which rose from 6.5 million to 14.7 million in […]

Your automated voice system stinks

Dear Editor, It’s very annoying when you need to contact a ride to your medical appointments, etc. You shouldn’t have to deal with unnecessary nonsense. Years back you didn’t have this retarded automated voice system. But now it’s hard for people such as myself to get a ride without dealing with repeating my date of […]

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