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Big thank you for car wash fundraiser

Dear Editor, 4-H Cactus Critters Club would like to “Thank” Taco Bell on Stockton Hill Road, and Krystal Peterson Burge of Desert De Oro Foods, for letting us use your business facility for our car wash fundraiser. We also appreciate everyone who stopped by on Saturday, April 13, to support us with your donation. The […]

Will Catlin Clark do okay in the WNBA?

Dear Editor, Caitlin Clark will do great in the WNBA. She can shoot, she can pass and she’s a savvy player. Clark did what no one ever dreamed anyone would do and that was to score more points than Pistol Pete Maravich who played for LSU from 1967 – 1970. Maravich scored 3667 total points […]

Havasu MAGA team campaigning for school board

Dear Editor, We chose to run for the school board after hearing the frustrations of local parents and staff. While the current school board has been quietly chugging along, the attitude of “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” does not work when applied to the shaping of our children’s minds before they launch into […]

Democracy or Trump

Dear Editor, On Fox news at a town hall meeting, Sean Hannity asked Trump if he would be a dictator. Trump said on his first day as President he would be a dictator and get rid of all the immigrants. If you think Trump is not dangerous, listen and hear what Trump will do as […]

Let’s elect politicians that work for the people

Dear Editor, Mr. Goyeneche, I have to agree with you, thanks to the First Amendment, and to the media outlets such as The Standard newspaper, which allows the exchange of ideas, especially in what seems to be a very conservative area of the state. That said “Can you show us a better system?” I believe […]

Survey Says:

Dear Editor, Does anyone remember the mid-1970s TV Game show named Family Feud? Two family teams were asked a question and the team that came closest to the popular survey vote won the game as celebrity host Steve Harvey blurted out “Survey Says”! The same game is taking place in the little town of Kingman, […]

You can kill the man but not the idea

Dear Editor, It was said, “If they want to feed you caviar they will feed you caviar; if they want to murder you, they will murder you.” These are the words of Alexey Navalny. Tall and handsome with the brightest blue eyes, with optimism and courage, he fearlessly spoke truth to power that made his […]

Can you show us a better system?

Dear Editor, Mr. Dickson I’ve read many of your commentaries. You have a right to express your opinions as well as I do thanks to the 1st amendment in the bill of rights of the United States Constitution. In many other countries in the world, we could be imprisoned or worse. I take it you […]

Gain Some Control Over Your Life 

Dear Editor, Feeling like you have some control over your life is vital for life happiness.  Control is not always easy. It takes planning, sacrifice, work and good fortune.  Lots of things can happen in life that will shake the earth beneath our feet. Illness, weather disaster, a bad accident, and stupid mistakes. We are […]

Open letter to Sonny Borelli

Dear Editor, We write you as the local chapter of the largest national organization fighting for women’s rights since 1966. We are extremely concerned about your comments regarding women being promiscuous and your recommendation to use aspirin for birth control. Data from the 2017– 2019 National Survey of Family Growth show that 65% of women […]

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