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Does everyone have the right to know when you are

Dear Editor, Some people want you to know when they have a cold, bad hair day, gout or hemorrhoid flare up. Many of us have seen pictures of wounds, sores, legs in casts, people on ventilators and much more. Many of us have seen a lot of dead bodies on social media. Numerous funerals of […]

Gala to be held for Cornerstone Mission

Dear Editor, Cornerstone Mission, one of the largest non-profit organizations in Mohave County, needs our help!  The mission was invited to apply for a grant by the Arizona Department of Housing and Arizona Housing Coalition (AHC). They applied and were awarded $349,000, in which they used as proof to take out a bridge loan to meet the […]

“Grass is Greener”

Dear Editor, The first step in resolving any issue in life is to identify and define the problem and its origin, honestly. Kingman is my chosen hometown and just like you I care a great deal about my community, the people, and the quality of their lives. The Kingman City Council and the city government […]

The National Enquirer’s Pecker Lie and butt-busting frogs

Dear Editor, I’ve never bought a copy of The National Enquirer. However, I’ve read from it some down through the years. If I’ve been standing in a grocery store checkout line for a few minutes then the tabloid has been a source of comic fodder. It’s always been a good comic book.  I’ve never read […]

Locomotive Park monthly peace vigil set

Dear Editor, Now that poor health concerns and bad weather has hopefully passed, this Wednesday, May 1, from 4-4:30, the monthly peace vigil will resume. This monthly peace vigil began two years ago in support of Ukraine and to be held one time per month at Locomotive Park on the first of each month.  Subsequent to the initiation […]

Reply to Dickson letter

Dear Editor, Mr. Dickson, I agree we should elect politicians that work for the people! Yes, Kingman and Mohave County in general is considered one of the most conservative counties in Arizona. You believe Capitalism isn’t regulated?  This current administration has nothing but overregulate since day one. You talk about wealth disparity. Let’s see I […]

Leave no person behind

Dear Editor, As a Kingman resident everywhere I go I see men and women, young and old who identify in some way as being Military Veterans. I have come to learn that Mohave County has more veterans than any other County in the U.S. Almost four times as many, numbering over 23 thousand, comprising no […]

Brighter futures is not an 1800 ban

Dear Editor, Throughout the centuries there’s never been any amount of cruelties done to women and girls without some kind of justification in some way or another. It’s so sad but true. So then is it any wonder that millions of females of all ages have taken to the streets, once again, yelling and screaming […]

Use Your Turn Signal While Driving

Dear Editor, Just about everyone who drives throughout Mohave County on a daily basis will see other drivers violating traffic laws. Using your turn signal while driving is not only a legal requirement but also a fundamental aspect of road safety. The turn signal, also known as the blinker, is a small lever located on […]

Preparing for the Silver Tsunami

Dear Editor, The demographic shift known as the “Silver Tsunami” is upon us as the baby boomer generation heads into retirement. This shift is set to reshape Kingman significantly, with over half of the local population within a 20-mile radius already over 50. We are tasked with responding to the challenges and changes that will […]

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