Dear Editor,

First and foremost, I do not need Ms. Ingalsbee feeling sad for me, and let me be clear I do no hate anyone. I learned a long time ago hate is a worthless waste of emotion and my time. To keep my response to her recent letter asking why I don’t write about convincing Republicans about voting choices, being as brief and as succinct as possible will be difficult. But I thought I would wait until Trump appeared before the court system, just to prove the illogical and vocal disrespect for the judge who was adjudicating his case. Boy howdy was I ever correct. How stupid to denigrate and belittle the very judge who would pass sentence on him. Do you think this shows how intelligent Trump is?

But to begin with 91 (ninety-one) CRIMINAL indictments. Now we have a Republican controlled House of Representatives which takes 15 votes to install Speaker McCarthey, then fires him and is incapable of or can’t seem to get anything done because for weeks we have not speaker and they can’t seem to settle on another choice for the position. This does not sound like good governance to me. They ostracize members like Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney and laud the Lauren Bobarts and Marjory Taylor Greens, and are once again just days away from a total government shut down, mostly the problem lies with the voters because we keep electing the same politicians.

I recall Trump suggesting using nuclear warheads to explode hurricanes, so they wouldn’t do so much damage. I also recall his TV appearance asking a stunned Dr. Deborah Birx if there was some way to inject bleach into the body to combat Covid! Then there is irrefutable evidence he tried to overthrow our democratic form of government using violence while he delusionally insisted he won the 2020 election when clearly, he did not. In addition, there have been reports compiled on the number of lies he has uttered while in office, purportedly in the thousands.

We cannot overlook the moral character of Trump either. Who doesn’t recall Billy Bush’s interview when Trump explained how he grabs them by the p—– and they let you because you are a star. If I’m not mistaken Trump was found guilty of sexual assault in an upper scale store and fined $5 million. Seems like four months after Melania gave birth to their child, Donald was allegedly with Stormy Daniels.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, but you get the general idea.

One last thought. Why does talk radio in this area only have right wing pundits all bashing the left? Hosts like Hannity, Prebus, Gorka, and Bongino. But there is not one liberal broadcaster. Just wondering?

Lloyd Dickson