Dear Editor,

Valentine’s day is coming soon and you better go to the store today if you want a cheap box of candy!

A pharmacist friend recalled a man coming into his store late on Valentine’s Day a couple of years back. He only one big box of candy left that sold for over $50. The man looked the shelves over but there wasn’t a more reasonable box of candy to be found in the store. He continued to eye the candy and finally paid for it and left the store. The pharmacist remembered that his cheaper boxes of candy were gone a couple of days before Valentine’s day. 

If you need a less expensive box of candy, don’t delay, go today. 

Roses and other flowers dramatically go up in price before Valentine’s day. As you are reading this column someone is doubling if not tripling the prices on their roses. Roses that might sell for $39.95 off the grocery store shelf are now marked up to $79.95 and often over $100.00. If your roses delivered to your sweetheart you can count on spending $100.00 and probably much more. 

Flowers and candy are fine and dandy but woe be unto you if you fail to come through with at least something on Valentine’s day. Cards aren’t cheap.  They are all prices but nice cards are more expensive all the time. Let’s say you buy a dozen roses, a mid-range box of candy, and a card. You could easily be out $125.00. If you are going out to dinner on Valentine’s day then this doubles the price of your celebration depending on where you eat. 

The jewelry store wants to convince you that buying expensive jewelry is necessary for the holiday occasion. I say it’s best to change the television channel and not listen to all the ridiculous jewelry store ads unless you want to drop some serious money on a piece of jewelry. 

All in all, you and your sweetheart should celebrate Valentine’s Day in a way that is meaningful to you. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich at home while watching Wheel of Fortune is okay as well. When you are with someone you love then it really doesn’t matter. When you first started dating your Valentine you were just happy to sit on the couch beside each other. You were glad to hold each other’s hand and you were just thrilled to be together. Maybe, your best Valentine’s day might be to remember how it used to be and how wonderful those simple, early days and dates were. Recapturing some of those good thoughts and feelings might make your Valentine’s day the best ever. 

Just in case that doesn’t happen, try to get to the store early. 

Dr. Glenn Mollette