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Tuesday July 23, 2024
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Cancer foundation raises awareness with Havasu chefs

LAKE HAVASU CITY– With more than 70 cancer nonprofits alone in the United States, many may not think to combine unique cuisines to promote their cause. The Heidi Edwards Cooking for Cancer Foundation is a rare cancer nonprofit that is doing just that.  

The foundation was founded by Heidi Edwards who was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2010. Throughout Edward’s own challenge with the disease, she wanted to provide assistance to patients, as well as their families. With the help of one of Lake Havasu’s upscale restaurants Shugrues, and the Calvary Church, she organized the group’s first spaghetti dinner fundraiser.  

Edward’s vision and quest to help others experiencing her same struggles transformed into $6,000 of donations. Three weeks later, Edwards lost her battle with cancer.  

President of the nonprofit, Lisa Turner, who is also Edwards’ mother, wanted to keep her daughter’s dream alive.  In doing so, the organization hosts two annual fundraisers. 

Their first yearly event is their spaghetti dinner. The occasion combines the very best chefs in Havasu where they can create delicious pastas sauces for the all-you-can-eat entrees. The second fundraiser is in October.

This one is a taco themed event that is also a golf tournament. Each fall, participants gather at the Lake Havasu Golf Club for tasty tacos, and raise additional needed funding.  

They also accept donations throughout the year. In 2018, their website made its debut to provide more outreach to those in need. 

Visitors of  Heidi Edwards Cooking for Cancer Foundation – Lake Havasu City, AZ, can learn about upcoming fundraisers, volunteer opportunities, get in touch with members, and find out about the services they provide. The Heidi Edwards Cooking for Cancer Foundation is not associated with any specific medical facilities.  

They do, however, work closely with Havasu healthcare organizations. The foundation spreads their message around town with their numerous brochures that can be found at various healthcare businesses and of course, our local restaurants.  

Application packets can be accessed by calling Lisa Turner at 928-855-9781. The nonprofit always has its doors open to the community and their office is located at 161 Swanson Ave., Suite D.

Their annual fundraisers support their short term assistance program that helps with out of pocket medical costs, utilities, medical insurance, groceries, and travel expenses. Heidi Edwards Cooking for Cancer Foundation will continue to raise awareness throughout the Lake Havasu community, provide service to those battling cancer diagnoses, and be ongoing trailblazers in the fight against cancer.

Phaedra Veronique

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