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Tuesday July 23, 2024
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Addressing the Silver Tsunami: A wake-up call for Kingman”

Dear Editor,
The Silver Tsunami, symbolizing the wave of aging baby boomers entering retirement, poses multifaceted challenges for city municipalities.
As the Silver Tsunami approaches, it is crucial to understand the potential challenges it will bring. This demographic shift will have far-reaching consequences that we must address proactively. Ignoring these issues is not an option; we need to prepare now to mitigate the impacts on our community. Here are some scenarios that highlight the potential pitfalls and the urgent need for action.
Financial Instability After Losing a Partner
Imagine a retired couple living on a fixed income from Social Security. They have budgeted carefully to cover their housing, car expenses, insurance and other necessities. Suddenly, one partner passes away and the household loses one Social Security check. The surviving partner, mourning and filled with sorrow, now faces a financial crisis, struggling to make ends meet. They may have to sell their home, give up their car and cut back on essential expenses. This downward spiral can compound and that’s not even taking into consideration the depression or trauma they may have experienced due to losing their partner.
Medical Emergencies & Healthcare Strain
Consider a senior who suffers an unexpected fall, resulting in a hospital stay. Due to strained healthcare services and bureaucratic hurdles from Medicare and insurance companies, they face significant challenges in receiving the necessary care and covering their medical expenses. Take the case of Suzanne Arnold from Golden Valley, who had $400 erroneously deducted from her Social Security for Medicare coverage she already had. This highlights the financial difficulties seniors face, leading to delayed or inadequate medical treatment and the inability to afford essential medications.
Social Isolation & Mental Health Issues
Many seniors face social isolation, which can lead to depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. The lack of regular social interaction and engagement can severely impact their quality of life and overall health. Many seniors, including veterans with PTSD and other health complications, are at risk of eviction due to rising costs. The intersection of mental health challenges, homelessness and the stress of aging creates a perfect storm, leading to increased suicide rates among this demographic.
Seniors Outliving Their Retirement Savings
Many seniors will outlive their retirement savings, forcing them to work longer. This prolonged workforce participation limits career advancement opportunities for younger generations, creating a domino effect that hinders home ownership, educational pursuits and other life goals. The inability to retire impacts not only the seniors but also the broader economy, leading to workforce shortages and a constricted employment landscape.
Strain on Healthcare Services
The increasing number of seniors will exacerbate the strain on healthcare services. The pandemic has diminished the appeal of healthcare professions, leading to a shortage of doctors, nurses and other medical staff. This shortage will result in longer wait times, reduced services and lower quality of care, affecting everyone in the community, not just the elderly.
Increase in Elder Abuse & Exploitation
With an aging population and less senior care professionals, there is a higher risk of elder abuse, including physical, emotional and financial exploitation. Seniors may fall prey to scams, frauds and even abuse from caregivers or family members. This can lead to loss of financial resources, physical harm and severe emotional distress.
Economic Impact on Local Businesses
Many local businesses rely on senior spending to survive. As seniors face financial hardships and reduced discretionary spending, these businesses will struggle to stay afloat, impacting the local economy and potentially leading to job losses.
The point of this essay is to highlight the potential worst-case scenarios so we can prepare for them. We cannot continue with our head buried in the sand. The Silver Tsunami is already here and many people are already experiencing these challenges. We must identify and address these problems now to prevent them from escalating. Numerous existing programs provide essential support to our seniors and I am compiling resources on my website,, to bring light to these initiatives. Additionally, offers a wealth of resources. Stay tuned for Part 3, where we will discuss proactive measures that individuals can take to combat these hardships.
Cengiz Arik
Kingman City Council Member

2 thoughts on “Addressing the Silver Tsunami: A wake-up call for Kingman”

  1. I thought the (NECOMMER) tsunami was going to be the fix-all solution, you mean Joe lied to us again?

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