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The Standard began in November of 1990 by Don and Matthew Wanner. The father and son team grew the 2,000 copy, black-and-white newspaper into its current four-color, multi-section, 8,200 copy countywide newspaper. In 1998, The Standard incorporated under the name of Mohave County Newspapers, Inc., and purchased property in downtown Kingman. In July of 1998 The Standard became the official newspaper of Mohave County. The Standard is proud to be investing in the future of Mohave County. The Standard is preparing to meet the growth of the county as well as the growth of the newspaper itself. Currently The Standard is available for sale at more than 317 locations throughout the county.

The Standard is Published in Print Every Wednesday

The Standard is Published Digitally Daily

As a weekly newspaper both the reader, as well as the advertiser, benefits from the shelf life for an entire week. This mid-week publication provides superb, advanced time for both the reader and advertiser to make plans to attend special functions and time to prepare for weekend sales.

The Standard is Mohave County’s largest weekly newspaper! No other newspaper in Mohave County can make this claim. With Kingman as the county seat, The Standard reaches readers from the center of one of the largest counties in Arizona. The Standard is the only countywide newspaper. The Standard prides itself on the comprehensive coverage of local news encompassing the entire county. Legislative and major corporate business conducted in the county’s seat is news to all of the county. The Standard disseminates the news clearly, accurately, and fairly to all of Mohave County. This feature provides a one-stop shopping venue for both the reader and the advertiser… Why goes anywhere else!

The Standard is Mohave County’s Only County-Wide Newspaper!

Mohave County is home to nearly 194,000 people and is the second largest county in terms of land mass. It is also home to Lake Havasu City, Bullhead City and Kingman (the county seat).

The Standard is Available Online!

The Standard is available in its entirety online at, where you will find your trusted daily Mohave County news.