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Sunday July 21, 2024
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America in Chaos    

Dear Editor,

New York’s mayor Eric Adams has recently been on a trip to Mexico and parts of South America preaching the urgent message, “Don’t come to New York City!”  It’s good that he is making this evangelistic crusade to convert those being fooled in third world countries. New York has become a migrant magnet with over 100,00 migrants housed in hotels or wherever they can find shelter. 

This should be a trip for President Joe Biden. He seems totally indifferent to the chaos on America’s border. Chaos that has now taken over some of America’s cities. Mayors and Governors are going to have to lead this parade since we do not have a President who cares enough to do anything about the mass invasion of our country. 

Mayor Adams went on to declare, “Don’t count on working in NYC. Don’t plan on being housed in a five-star hotel. Life is going to be much more difficult than what is being falsely communicated on the Internet.” 

Has Homeland Security become an oxymoron?

While chaos from the millions of illegal immigrants engulfs America, Congress, of course, cannot get their act together.  For the first time in America’s history the Speaker of the House was ousted from his position. Kevin McCarthy was punished for trying to keep the country going for a couple of more weeks. Military personnel, Social Security recipients, government workers and more could go without pay. It is definitely time to make serious spending cuts and decisions but not at the expense of America’s most vulnerable. Some of our leaders in Congress would rather make our nation’s elderly and military members suffer than to come up with a bipartisan plan. 

While chaos erupts in Congress, our border and our cities, Fentanyl is killing more in America every day than Russia is killing in Ukraine. Over 106,000 drug related deaths were reported in 2021.  The chaotic flow of drugs coming into this country must be stopped. Families are being shattered every day in this nation because of America’s chaos. 

While all this is happening, our auto workers, Kaiser health care workers, the Writer’s Guild and most everyone else is demanding more money. If enough people continue to strike for larger pay increases there won’t be enough business left in America to pay anybody anything.  

We are in chaos in this country. We must have a change of leadership or Americans will be looking for someplace to go. Or, everybody will be fighting.  Then, that will be the end.

While all this craziness is happening, millions of Americans are breaking their necks trying to catch of glimpse of Taylor Swift at a football game.

Dr. Glenn Mollette

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