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Sunday June 23, 2024
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A Freudian slip with good intention

Dear Editor,

I’ve always enjoyed a Freudian slip. It con give insight into what else is on someone’s mind.

In a recent opinion letter I wrote, “Brighter futures is not an 1800 ban.” I slipped and used the word environmental instead of economical. But maybe I did it unknowingly with good intentions being that both apply to the concerns about banned abortions.

I don’t normally talk about the matters of overpopulation because how many kids one has is nobody’s business. Not unless it’s forced pregnancies by our government. Then it should be everyone’s business and the effects it will have not only on us economically but environmentally too.

The cost of caring for a child and the environmental strain it puts on valuable resources as our population grows worldwide cannot be overlooked. At large, this is a bigger problem, bigger than most of us might see living in a small community such as our own. But we, too, are growing faster than some would like. Nevertheless, worldwide water shortages and other valuable life sustaining resources are being used at a faster rate than we can keep up with as population and climate change get ahead of us.

As much as we all love babies, let them be for those who want them and when they want them. But it should never be by force. For too long we have neglected the rights and needs of what has been at the further end of the food chain; first man, then woman and last our planet. Women and our planet have taken the back seat long enough. There are more of us today that say, ‘this must stop.’

For the sake of our women and girls and the only planet we have. Taking two steps forward and one step back is not good enough. Like the saying goes, “stupid is as stupid does.” We need to get smart about reproductive rights and how we care for our planet. They both are critical economical and environmental problems if we let them be.

We need to make changes with our ‘what will be will be’ attitude about both. This attitude and stupidity lie at the feet of Trump with his promoting the turnover of a 50-plus year old protection for reproductive rights and rolled back more than 200 environmental laws and packed the courts with right wing radicals that support all of the above.

They and Trump are not doctors. They and Trump are not scientists. Trump is just a glorified realtor that climbed his way to the top making shady deals on the shirttails of his father’s real estate business.

Trump could care less about women’s rights or our environment other than to make a name for himself at our cost. I have sons and daughters and grandchildren and forced pregnancies and lack of reproductive care and care of the environment and plant is not what I want in their lives and future. We have been making some bad choices since we let Trump in the White House, and although we got him out, kicking and screaming, we’re still dealing with all the damage and fallout from the things he has done.

It’s no different than when hit by a Tasmanian Devil it takes time to clean up and recover. Which is why all the more we need to vote for those who can keep cleaning up the messes Trump made with our reproductive rights and our environmental protections.

What Trump left us with will inevitably effect all of us eventually. But then that’s no concern of Trump’s. He’s too busy making ‘the art of the deal,’ that only benefits himself. And that’s no Freudian slip.


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