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Tuesday July 23, 2024
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Proof or Promise

Dear Editor,

The race for District #4 Supervisor in Mohave County has nine candidates and has become extremely contentious.

I have lived in rural District #4 for two decades and believe we would be better served by a candidate who cannot be controlled or swayed except by the will of the people. Someone who has a proven long-standing track record in the pursuit of the people’s freedom and liberty. Someone with endurance and tenacity and most importantly a well-versed ardent researcher. Candidate Jennifer Esposito is the only candidate who has these proven assets and accomplishments. Her selfless Constitutional passion for serving the people is most recently demonstrated in saving Golden Valley water customers hundreds of dollars in surcharges and refunds. No one paid her but Jennifer spent months litigating with Mohave County and continues to fight for reduced water rates, and other charges that affect thousands of residents. Jennifer recently led a community effort to stop a zoning change that could open uncontrolled growth in Golden Valley.

We are living in a world of political promises that have never come to fruition. Jennifer Esposito is not part of the long-time establishment, and she is not a business owner who would try to serve two masters, she may not have the greatest name recognition and certainly won’t have the most campaign signs but she knows our county can do better. Jennifer offers that positive change in government the people of both rural and urban District #4 are seeking. As a candidate for Supervisor Jennifer Esposito offers “proof” not only “promises”.

Jim Consolato

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