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Tuesday July 23, 2024
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Debate candidates were MIA

Dear Editor,
Hello and thank you for putting this in your newspaper as a report on the District 4 debate held on June 9.
My Name is Brett Forrester. I am a resident here in Golden Valley. I have lived here for three years with my son and his wife. We have property and we are very happy with living here. We have established our animals and mini farm for our enjoyment.
As a business owner and specializing in tourism both in the states and Baja,Mexico, I have had the unique opportunity to see and interact with local governments and departments that are subject to the people’s needs and desires. The debate that took place for the Board of Supervisors District 4 seat was of great interest to me.
One of the first things that I noticed was the missing candidates from the debate. Smaby and Salem, who were not in attendance. In my opinion it is an error. It is an important need for person to person contact and knowledge gained by that. Very personal and necessary in today’s public arena.
From the start, the entire process of the debate, plus combined with all past, current and future issues is a large bag of info to go through and talk about in subject and content for a political seat of any kind.
Of the four who shared their views and thoughts on what they will do for me and my fellow citizens, it became obvious and clear as to who has skin in the game and not for fame and money. Both of which have injured our communities and left us without a voice. Don Martin stated clearly that our vote is not worth a million dollars spent. Really? Crimes of this voting cycle are not present? Poor judgment and insight to the greatest of all freedoms, the security of the vote, is about as important as it gets. Seems like a small price to pay to guarantee my vote ,Don.
Jennifer Esposito stood out as a winner for a host of reasons. None of the other candidates have been in “Active Mode” to save the natural resources that are being threatened by industry and development. Without much more than the support of grassroots citizens and past real performance and competence, Jennifer has taken on the bureaucracies of local government with real life experience, rules and accountability. That needs to be noted here in The Standard. I have great confidence in the words ‘Just show up’. She has and is showing up and doing what the others are not. That is a huge deal and is proof that she can get the job done for us, the concerned citizens. The resources here, in the Golden Valley are limited and of the highest value for those who live here.
Thank you for the ability to share this.
Brett Forrester

One thought on “Debate candidates were MIA

  1. Brett, there has not been the need for a $1.1 million dollar expense for a hand count in Mohave County! Not ONE elected official in this County had said there is an election integrity issue here!

    So if it isn’t broke, why do you want to try and fix it?

    If I didn’t trust the person in charge of the County Elections Department I’d fire them!

    Allen Tempert had testified before the Board on several occasions about this issue.

    The BOS has voted TWICE to NOT to support this.

    The Mohave County Attorneys Office made it very clear that they would NOT represent them IF they did it as it would be illegal!

    At this point, and for these reasons I do NOT support a hand count!

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