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Tuesday July 23, 2024
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County roadwork continues

The citizens of Mohave County can expect the following activity from Mohave County Public Works

during the week of April 13:

Arizona Strip: Road grading on 1) Mt. Trumbull Loop and 2) Mud Mountain Rd. in Colorado City.

Kingman: Road grading on 1) Pate Rd., 2) Topeka St., 3) Bruce Dr., 4) Jan Rd. and 5) Olympic Ave. Crews will repairing pot holes and making right-of-way repairs in the Butler area.

Hackberry: Road grading on Hackberry Rd.

Wikieup: Road grading on Signal Rd.

Yucca: Road grading on 1) Chicken Springs Rd. from Alamo Rd. to Hwy. 93, 2) Alamo Rd. to Mile 52 and 3) Alamo Rd. from end of pavement to Mile 10.

Hualapai Mountain Area: Road grading on S. Blake Ranch Rd.

Golden Valley: Road grading on SE: 1) Shipp Dr. from Bacobi Rd. to Aztec Rd., 2) Tangerine Dr. from Bacobi Rd. to Aztec Rd. and 3) Crystal Dr. from Bacobi Rd. to Aztec Rd. S: 1) Navajo Dr. from Garnet Rd. to Gold Road Trl., 2) Signal Rd. from Navajo Dr. to end of maintenance and 3) Desert View Trl. from Navajo Dr. to pipeline. NE: 1) Aztec Rd. from Chino Dr. to Belle Dr., 2) Alpine Rd. from Chino Dr. to Burro Dr. and 3) Burro Dr. from Amado Rd. to Ajo Rd. NW: 1) Ehrenberg Rd. from Todilto Dr. to Chinle Dr. and 2) Eden Rd. from Zuni Dr. to Chinle Dr. Work on Shinarump Dr. between Aztec Rd. and Colorado Rd. remains ongoing. Perco Rock has been contracted by Mohave County to harden the low-water crossings, improve ditches/drainage, construct subgrade and place road base. It is anticipated this work will be complete by mid-April. In early May, Earth Resources Corp. will be chip sealing the roadway.

Dolan Springs: Road grading on 1) Cottonwood Rd. from Mile 16.5 to Mile 10, 2) Twentyfirst St. from Pierce Ferry Rd. to end of maintenance, 3) Niles Dr. from Twentyfirst St. to Twentysecond St. and 4) Ocitilla Rd. from Pierce Ferry Rd. to Twentyfirst St.

Meadview: Chip seal preparation on Pierce Ferry Rd. from Diamond Bar Rd. to park boundary.

Mohave Valley: Street sweeping in the Bermuda Dunes area of Mohave Valley. Pot hole repairs in the Desert Lakes area, road shoulder repair on El Rodeo Rd. and storm clean-up in the Tierra Del Rio area of Fort Mohave. Crews will be chip sealing in the Pebble Lake and Havasu Heights

The Road Division will be chip sealing roads in your area on the following date/days: April 13 thru April 17

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