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A life is worth saving

Dear Editor, Interventions are extremely helpful tools for families who are dealing with a loved one who is completely against getting help and resistant to going to treatment. If an addict is struggling with addiction, but refuses help, interventions can be a powerful tool used to save their life. They can help an addict make […]

We must contain this disease of creeping socialism

Dear Editor, Having just read in the Kingman Daily Miner, the article on the resurgent “Indivisible” movement in Kingman, I am struck by numerous inconsistencies. The article’s banner promoting a local progressive revolution is a quite clear statement of intent. It does however raise the question, what flavor of progressive? Is it a desire to […]

Reader accuses Frontier of consumer fraud

Dear Editor, After Suddenlink raised our service over 70%, I decided to call Frontier Communications for a quote. They quoted me a price if I took the service for two years. I asked if there were any add-ons. The agent said no. I agreed to their offer. I asked again if there were any other […]

Sounding the alarm

Dear Editor, This is your wake up call, Kingman. The first shots in a war to take control of city government have been fired by bureaucrats in city offices. They are going to attempt to change the terms of elected city officials. The method used will be the referendum. This will make the attempt seem […]

Lets appreciate our teachers

Dear Editor, I would take this opportunity now that my four years in high school are up to thank the principal, the kitchen staff, the security guards, and teachers of Lee Williams High School for four years of wonderful memories and experience. I would also like to thank the teachers who were part of the […]

Light of Truth

Dear Editor, There is oppression in America -for those who believe in truth and justice. The Democrats suppress free speech, the truth is racist they say -After all, you are supposed to serve the state, not the state offer freedom from tranny. There is persecution in America; of men who think that liberty means freedom […]

Public invited to speak with Libertarians

Dear Editor, The Mohave County Libertarian party will have a booth at the Mohave Pride 2019 event. I wanted to invite everyone over to say hello and to perhaps discuss the future of this country. Insanity has been described as “doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result.” No matter what your […]

Letter to the Editor: Freedom

Dear Editor, As we slide toward Socialism, I want you to remember something. Something your new history books have taken away. “D Day.” When many free nations invaded Hitler’s Europe, the national Socialist Democratic Party, to free all the countries Germany had enslaved. It started on the beaches of France where over 5,000 freedom loving […]

Domestic Violence: A pattern that can be broken

Dear Editor,

 Regardless our life upbringing we are free to choose who we are and who we want to become. 
I was raised in Italy in a family where unfortunately domestic violence was a multigenerational factor. I have witnessed both my grandfathers, using physical violence against my grandmothers, but the most disturbing reality I had to […]

The statute of limitations is too short

The clock has run out. You can never get justice for what’s been done to you if you waited too long. In Arizona, a victim of sexual assault has only two years to file a civil lawsuit against their perpetrator – two years from the age of majority for a child who has been sexually […]

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