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Beginning healing, beginning hope

The time is coming, as it does every year, when we approach the Season of Lent. For many of us, Lent is, traditionally, the season of penitence and giving something up. Often, our Priest or Pastor will have a specific theme or practice that they want to stress during the season, whether it is rosary […]

In this corner

Many pastors lament the absence of a certain demographic in church, namely people in their twenties and thirties. For a variety of reasons, this age group has largely checked-out of the local church and is likely to stay checked-out for a lifetime unless something changes.  In a recent study conducted by Lifeway Research, young adults […]


The other week it was windy and cold outside. As the wind got stronger, I noticed off in the distance that the sky grew darker from the sand and debris the wind was kicking up. As the day went on, the dark sky grew closer. By early afternoon as I was driving, I could not […]

Worth remembering

I will not remember. In a year from now, I will not remember. Even though many looked forward to the day, prepared for parties, entertained guests, and wore garments only suitable for the event, I will not remember much about the recent Super Bowl between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams. In fact, […]

Faced with temptation

I remember as a little kid watching the old Looney Tunes cartoons that showed a little devil on one side of the characters shoulder and a little angel on the other side. The little devil would always be leading the character into trouble while the little angel warned against following what the little devil said. […]


When will we heal? If you are like me, I am fatigued to the point of exhaustion. Every day it seems we are accosted with another reason not to like one another. This group against that one. These types of people to avoid. This person to label, and on and on. And so, I ask […]

Wade Hammond performing live at Family Bible Church

KINGMAN – On Wednesday, Feb. 9, Wade Hammond will be performing at Family Bible Church located at 2040 Golden Gate Ave. Performance begins at 6:30 p.m. and is free to the public, tough a love offering will be received for patrons who would still like to show monetary support. Hailing from Alabama, Hammond is an […]

An hour with you

One of the benefits of social media and the vast numbers of people corresponding is the opportunity to read their responses to unusual or thought-provoking questions. A good case in point is a recent post on Facebook. It read as follows: “If you could talk for an hour to any person, living or dead, who […]

St. John’s Blood Drive a success

KINGMAN – St. John’s hosted a blood drive on Saturday, Jan. 22 for Vitalant. They were able to collect 60 units of blood, including 18 “doubles” (donors who gave 2 pints). Dave Kopecky, one of the donors, said that the worker he spoke to was excited for St. John’s blood drive. “They were really happy […]

A center for community

Because Kingman has so many churches in the community, it can be hard to keep track of them all. These places of worship can sometimes get lost in the noise, making them unknown to the people their messages would most resonate with. One such church might be College Park Community Church located at 1990 Jagerson […]

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