On January 14, 1961 a bright light entered the world and on September 1, 2023 it was extinguished.   Karen Suzanne Miller was raised in Simi Valley, California as the youngest to Bob and Jan. She was often teased by Keith, Kim and Steve, her siblings. 

Karen was on the volleyball and track teams in high school and she studied to be an Xray technician in California. Later she moved to Lake Havasu City to be near her parents and drove to KRMC as a billing coder. 

Ms. Miller spoiled her seal-point Siamese cats Boo and Atilla and was an avid reader.  Karen enjoyed water skiing, cooking and watching sports.  She loved to debate who’s going to win the NFL games.

After four back surgeries, painful neuropathy, a type of M.S. and losing her best friend of 40 years, her body gave up.  May you rest in peace, dear Karen.