Born June 19, 1939

Graduated from life October 21, 2023

Bill lived in the Kingman area for about 15 years. Bill moved from New York City with his parents Herman F. and Wilma C. Huldack to the San Marcos California area when he was about 6 years old and lived there until he moved to Arizona. Bill was ‘unique’ and ‘one-of-a-kind’ in his life activities and collections. Bill developed an interest in cars, hats, and World War II artifacts and memorabilia. A person never knew which bowler, cowboy or top hat he would wear for the day. He also had a variety of holsters that he liked to wear to go to town. Bill also like to collect elephants, models airplanes and ships, and anything that tickled his fancy.

Bill was a mechanic which came from his high school love of cars especially his ’32 Ford Coupe, his 1954 Corvette and his dragster. Bill loved to build out VW beetle engines. He knew and could talk for hours about the repair and mechanics of car engines. One of his favorites along with his VW beetles was the VW bus conversion that took him all the way to his favorite spot in the Bay of Los Angeles, Baja Mexico. There he enjoyed living on the beach, catching fish, drinking beer and enjoying time with friends. Bill would work to live. He worked as a mechanic only enough of the year in order to spend weeks or months in Mexico living life on the beach and sailing.

Bill loved the desert life. He enjoyed the freedom, fresh air and animals that live here. However, Bill enjoyed the Golden Corral buffet and visiting some of the gun and curio shops in Kingman to see the new things in the shops and talk with his friends. Sometimes accompanied by his Wiley Coyote stuffed life-size animal. He was also friends with everyone’s dogs…he would take treats to them and became known to some as the ‘Cookie Man.’

Bill was an only child and he retired from mechanic work to care for his aging parents until they passed away in the Escondido area. Bill then chose the desert life and lived to the beat of his own drum. He will be missed by his friends and adopted family for his unique character and lively stories. As with any individual passing from this life, there will be a missing of his presence but the memories he created will remain alive.