Dear Editor,

Never was the divisiveness in American politics more evident than the display at President Trump’s State of the Union address.

It began with the refusal to shake Pelosi’s hand, and culminated with the shredding of the “speech”, which was labeled a “manifesto of mistruths”. “I” lost count of the number of times “me” or “I” was used, but for “me” the most egregious insult to the intellect came when Trump lambasted education, by alleging students are trapped in failing “Government Schools”, and advocated for “School Choice”. As we Arizonans know, funding for school choice often comes from dollars earmarked by state and federal mandates, for public education.

We need to brace ourselves for all that hot air from Trump’s address to hit us when it arrives. Those interested need to check an article in Politico, which describes Trump being corrected by aids, that Bhutan and Nepal are both countries, not just strips of land next to India, when Trump proceeded to call them Button and Nipple. Remember, our president was educated in some of the finest private schools money could buy.

Therein lays the best argument for why school choice may not be the best answer for education today.

Lloyd Dickson