OATMAN – With the cold winds of Winter fading away, the much-anticipated volume two of the “Walter, the Orphaned Donkey” series has arrived, and a book signing is scheduled for Saturday, April 9 from 1 to 4 p.m. at Burro Flats in Oatman.

The second book, in a series of ten, saw numerous production delays that unfortunately resulted in the cancellation of book signings and the delivery of pre-orders, said Anne Z. Smith, CEO of Armagno Press.

“It is regretful that our fans had to wait this long for this highly anticipated book that promises so many surprises fans will find heartwarming and poignant,” said Smith. “So many problems developed because of COVID and then with the supply shortage. It was out of our hands and all we could do was wait.”

Smith pointed out that midway through the production, some of the content and design had been changed from the original that was submitted, which in turn created a delay in printing, due to it needing to be changed back. Although everything was eventually done as originally submitted, a couple of errors ended up in the final content.

“We decided to leave it rather than delay the release of the book by making another correction at the last minute,” she said. “I am sure when people read the book they will be overwhelmed by the emotions and overlook the problems we encountered.”

In keeping with the true-life adventures of the orphaned burro that continues to capture the hearts of fans world-wide, Walter’s Desert Adventure also expands the story into the Blake family with their four, energized German Shepherd dogs!

In Walter’s whimsical journey throughout the desert, he experiences a special spiritual encounter from his past that promises to be a tearful, but uplifting, moment for Walter that he shares with his fans in this heart-tugging story.

Fans can see Walter in person, Saturday, April at Burro Flats in Oatman. Autographed copies of “Walter Finds a Home” and “Walter’s Desert Adventure” can be purchased online at www.walterthewonderdonkey.com or in person at Jackass Junction and Burro Flats in Oatman.