LAKE HAVASU CITY – Are you ready to start your own fundraiser in Lake Havasu but not sure where to start? We caught up with some Lake Havasu’s nonprofit organizations who shared some guidance on the techniques they’ve used that lead to their fundraising successes.

With their funding accomplishments of last year’s Children’s Christmas Project, 501(c)3 group HAVAdopt, starts their charitable work as early as May. Goals of the group is to provide help to families facing financial hardships and are unable to give presents to their children during that special time of year. Their Children’s Christmas Project serves as gift giving plan for the children of Lake Havasu in need during the Christmas season.

The debut of their Children’s Christmas Project began in 2022, and community interest has been growing ever since. Last year their annual gift giving event attracted 165 attendees wanting to participate. According to HAVAdopt Director Merrilyn Thompson, much of their sponsorship support comes from their advertisements posted on their private Facebook page, social media, and flyer distributions throughout Lake Havasu. Thompson also added that fundraising organizers need to be persistent and seek fundraising advice with other organizations. Another Havasu nonprofit with more fundraising expertise to share was the Women’s Network Exchange of Arizona (WNEA).

Their organization was created for women wanting to reach their professional best through networking with other businesswomen and supporting each other’s professional aspirations. One of the group’s largest fundraisers is their shopping extravaganza sip and shop event held each December. The event helps to promote local small business owners who serve as vendors at the event. The sales from the businesses along with available raffle tickets, help provide funding for the group’s local college scholarship opportunities.

The success of their sip and shop fundraiser is largely owed to the team’s board members who diligently advertise the companies involved.  Unlike other nonprofits, WNEA does not seek sponsor support for their events. Many of the club’s board members who are also business owners, will make a donation. Since WNEA actively host many events for other organizations, sponsorship assistance is often offered to them.

WNEA President Janet Cruz, suggested that early advertising of your event will strengthen the success of a fundraiser and that the cause is appealing to the public. “Mainly again, planning ahead to get the word out! Marketing is so important! If no one knows about your event, no one will know it’s happening. My advice is to network, tell people about your fundraiser and make sure you have a great cause that people would like to donate to first of all.”

One of the most powerful nonprofits of Lake Havasu is The Havasu Community Health Foundation. The foundation is well known for raising healthcare awareness in Lake Havasu with a variety of support groups and monthly charitable fundraisers. The nonprofit has hosted a plethora of fundraising events like their Moving for Memory walk for sufferers of dementia, their Elegant Evening Fashion Show for cancer, and tribute music concerts in support of the foundations food bank.

Executive Director Linda Seaver of the health foundation, maintains that inviting other like minded groups and companies to your event is a useful strategy towards fundraising success. Having an attractive space along with likeable entertainers doesn’t hurt either. When it comes to obtaining sponsors, Seaver suggests personal contact letters and documentation proof of being a legit organization are also helpful tools. Early advertisements, perseverance, and building strong networks within communities, is the foundation of what has lead these groups to reach favorable heights of fundraising excellence in Lake Havasu. It’s never too late to put to put your fundraising plans into action.

Phaedra Veronique