LAKE HAVASU CITY – With the success of last year’s bowling tournament launch hosted by Marine Corps League Auxiliary, the bowling games will be making a comeback this weekend. Marine Corps League Auxiliary was created to provide fraternal assistance to marines and their families, preserve the memory of the veterans who have served this country, and maintain traditions that support the United States Marine Corp.  

Their benefit bowling tournament is open for anyone interested in participating. Three games will be included in the tournament.  

The first one will be an eight pin with no tap, the second game will be nine pin with no tap, and game three will be just regular bowling. Teams must be four to six people.  

The team that wins first place will win $300 and second place will win $240. Their entry fee is $30 along with a $10 for lunches that will be provided. 

If you missed Monday’s signups, there still may be time to enter as they will be accepting applications until they have 32 teams. Entry forms can be mailed to MCLA PO Box 2083, LHC, AZ 86405-2083. You can also sign up in person.  

Marine Corps League Auxiliary’s bowling tournament will be Saturday, April 27 beginning at 11 a.m. at Havasu Lanes Bowling Alley. This event is all in the spirit of fun rather than a competitive nature, and it’s a wonderful way to honor and support our local veterans. Proceeds of the tournament will go to the veteran organizations of Lake Havasu.

Phaedra Veronique