KINGMAN – An Arizona Attorney General’s Office prosecution of an alleged illegal campaign contribution in Kingman’s 2018 mayoral election may not go to trial. Defense Attorney Brad Rideout informed Judge Billy Sipe Tuesday that plea negotiations may bear fruit in the case against realtor Justin Chambers.

“We’re working on a non-trial resolution at this point in time. Nothing firm, but we’re working towards that direction,” Rideout. He also told the Court that the state has provided all disclosure sought by the defense, except a recording he said he expects to be provided without contention.

Judge Sipe scheduled a Dec. 14 status hearing for Chambers, who previously pleaded not guilty to an unlawful contribution by a corporation charge, a class 6 felony. Chambers is named in the same indictment that levels the same charge against Bill Lenhart, the owner of Sunbelt Development, a partner with the City of Kingman in Development of the Interstate 40 Rancho Santa Fe Parkway project that was to go out for construction bids on Wednesday, Nov. 17.

The Arizona Department of Transportation’s data base on Tuesday reflected that the bid process is on hold. Kingman Mayor Jen Miles said she was unaware of that and believes the project was still tracking as projected.

Lenhart is scheduled to appear at the Law and Justice Center in downtown Kingman for a Dec. 22 status conference, involving a 2016 campaign to former Kingman Mayor Richard Anderson.

Dave Hawkins