KINGMAN – On Monday, April 15, the So Hi Domestic Water Improvement District held a Recognition and Appreciation Award luncheon for long time District Manager, Denise Johnston.

The District’s entire Staff, Board of Directors and spouses were in attendance to honor Johnston

Johnston has given more than thirty years of selfless service to the citizens and community of So HI Estates in the management of the water district.

Johnston’s dedication and extreme professionalism are legend in the halls of the many small water improvement districts across Arizona. She has, over the years, despite her own heavy workload, gone to the assistance and rescue of numerous other distressed small water systems across our arid state.

Johnston has calmly and capably dealt with and conquered situations that would have overwhelmed a lesser person. When, some years ago, our well failed, Johnston’s instant grasp of the situation and her fast remedial action, turned a “might’ve been” disaster into a non-issue. Her efforts assured that not one single household in So Hi Estates was deprived of even a drop of water until proper repairs were made.

Johnston not only keeps the District compliant with the myriad and burdensome Federal and State rules, regulations and standards that face small Districts, she assists other less skilled managers in successfully understanding and coping with those.

Always helpful and supportive with staff and subscribers, she is recognized by many in Arizona’s water supply industry as the go-to person for answers to twisty situations.

It can be safely said that Johnston has been and continues to be the beating heart and loving soul of the So Hi Domestic Water Improvement District.

Jack Hommel