Dear Editor,

Even though former President Trump is gaining support in the polls by the MAGA crowd, seems to me his luck has run out and his chickens are coming home to roost. Will he finally be held accountable under the 91 indictments, and the New York fraud charges, as well as those he is facing in Georgia? It appears, he may actually be banned from conducting business in New York because of his questionable business practices.

So, the question to be asked is, what kind of individuals will be voting for Trump? Will it be the MAGA republicans who actually believe his lies that the election was stolen and he won? Or those who were positive Joe Biden had colluded with his son Hunter in (what now turns out to be unsubstantiated financial schemes)? Although I would speculate there probably has been some level of questionable conduct in the BidensĂ­ part, they pale in comparison to those of the Trump Clan.

This brings up another question abut why the feckless democrats are not stooping to the same level as republicans and investigation TrumpĂ­s children, Ivanka, and her husband Jared Kushner, Don Jr., and Eric, for their million dollar dealings with China? While many republicans seem to be cozying up to an individual who has trouble with facts and following the law and who obviously cares nothing about our democracy, and is charged with multiple serious offences. Why in the world would anyone consider voting for such a pathetic broken individual as Donald J. Trump?

Lloyd Dickson