Dear Editor,

Mr. Dickson, Here again Congress can fix the loopholes in our tax system. Why would they when they benefit from it? Don’t you think Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, and Joe Biden take advantage of it as well?

At least a flat tax would be more fair to all. President Trump’s tax cuts put more money in our pockets as individuals. The corporate tax cut was to help our businesses be competitive as our corporate tax rate was higher than other countries we trade with.

This encourages our companies to operate here instead of exporting jobs overseas. With tax cuts we must also cut spending as many government programs are wasteful and we shouldn’t be giving money away we don’t have overseas like we are doing now!

My source tells me different where the oil comes from that flowed in the pipeline from Canada but the issue is thousands of American workers lost their jobs from the Dakota’s to the Gulf by the stroke of President Biden’s pen.

Why? I do care about future generations being taught what to think instead of how to think for themselves! The private sector has always met the challenges of our changing world without government mandates and harassment.

Gas vehicles run cleaner and get more miles per gallon. Hybrid vehicles actually work, don’t need to be charged, and get even better fuel mileage with low emissions. Until electric vehicles can self-charge and not draw energy from our already overworked power grid they are not ready for prime time! Hydrogen fueled vehicles are just around the corner and emit only water vapor.

Nancy Pelosi wielded a great amount of influence at the Capitol. This January 6 fiasco was a scheme to discredit President Trump and to blame it on conservative protesters. Many of them were invited in to the Capitol building as shown on film.

Still the Capitol Policeman who shot and killed an unarmed female protester hasn’t been charged with murder! Yet radical groups like Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and Palestinian protesters coached by outside agitators are getting away with violent crimes and destruction of property. In all fairness there should have been a national recount of the 2020 vote.

Vice President Pence could have but chose not to allow that to happen. Hillary Clinton as well as Joe Biden and his Son Hunter are guilty of many crimes and believe they are above the law. Time will tell.

But if your name is Donald Trump you are you are accused of every crime under the sun brought forth by a woke agenda. To me Social Security and Medicare are not entitlements as citizens pay in to it all their working lives!

Entitlements are what is given to illegal immigrants invading our country. To imply this is a racial issue is just the leftist mantra to divide us.       

Jack Goyeneche