Dear Editor,

Prayers for the devastated people in the Middle East. 

Prayers for the families who have had loved ones murdered before their very eyes. 

Prayers for the families who have loved ones held as hostages. We pray for their safety and release. 

Prayers that hate filled terrorists may be overcome. Why do we have such evil on this planet? Why is there so much hate tied to a religion? Why is religion used to carry out barbaric acts of murder and violence? Because evil is an unrelenting force. Evil can make anything bad. The goal of any religion should be connecting people to God and bringing about meaningful lives filled with love, peace and a higher purpose. 

The goal of cancer is to destroy and kill. Evil is a cancer that is progressive and terminal unless it is totally eliminated. Any cancer in your body is not good for you. No one can live peacefully with cancer. Cancer finds a way to grow, disable and kill. We cannot coexist with cancer nor can we coexist with mentalities who live to brutally kill others.  The goal of hate filled groups such as Hamas is to eliminate Jewish people and then anyone connected to the United States and the Western world. 

You can’t coexist with rattlesnakes and copperheads. They are poisonous. 

Israel has no choice but to defend themselves and put an end to Hamas. Do we have to be in the middle of this mess? We have been since World War II. Israel has been the number one benefactor of American foreign aid. We are the Santa Claus of the world when it comes to giving away your money. America’s foreign aid contribution reached $66 billion in 2022. This was the first time we had given this much to other nations since 1949. While that amount was staggering, our foreign aid to Ukraine and Israel will make that amount look like a paltry sum. 

We have already given Ukraine over $75 billion in their fight against Russia. Now, President Biden is proposing to give Ukraine and Israel $105 billion in aid. Also, America’s border security has been mentioned in this proposal. Probably the only reason our border security is tied to this proposal is because voting Americans are desperate for border security. The manufacturers of war weapons and their investors, such as many politicians, will have a nice Christmas. 

Since World War II America has given Israel $260 billion.  Jordan, Egypt and some other countries receive a lot of our money. 

Countries That Received the Most Foreign Aid from the U.S. in 2021: (Stats from US News and World Report)

1. Israel ($3.3B)

2. Jordan ($1.6B)

3. Afghanistan ($1.4B)

4. Ethiopia ($1.39B)

5. Egypt ($1.29B)

6. Yemen ($1.04B)

7. South Sudan ($954M)

8. Congo (Kinshasa) ($825M)

9. Somalia ($790M)

10. Syria ($782M)

Try to keep working if you can. Somebody has to pay for all of this. 

Dr. Glenn Mollette