Dear Editor,

I do not wish to be a Mocking bird but even though it is a done deal I feel the need to tweet about a recent decision of the Kingman City Council. The decision to renegotiate a contract with Bird Scooters. Now please do not get me wrong I really admire and respect each and every council person and our great Mayor, all high-caliber people proving birds of a feather flock together.

 Although this may be unPheasant and Hawkword to say, I think the council’s decision was for the birds. Despite the fact that the council made some new provisions to fly from the nest of the agreement, The original idea was never a feather in their cap. There are many concerns to be perched and brought up. I will only address a few, I will just wing it.

I think the council flew for a clever sales pitch, something a wise owl would never do. The scooters present many hazards and I feel are too much of a Birden in terms of misuse, abuse, and possible liability. Once you allow teens to wet their beaks in participation they are likely to go Stark Raven mad. Teens must be kept under the feather of a mother hen. In the first contract, after months of seeing the scooters strewn all over old downtown and a lot of Fowl play and Goosing around, we should have learned this needed to stop cold Turkey. At the end of this Lark, Wren you look at the city’s total profit, it was less than a thousand dollars. Now in the new contract they have expanded the use across the entire city thinking a bird in the hand is better than a bird in the bush. I am feeling that might be kind of Cuckoo,   and it makes me Finch.  I even wonder how will the scooters be used in Fowl winter weather, rain, cold, and snow. Perhaps the Snowbirds won’t fly the coop or maybe they will stay longer, however, that may just be bird-brain thinking.

At this time we don’t know Eggactly what will happen and hoping Bird Scooters does not let us down and lay another less-than-golden egg, we will all wait and see what the flock may bring and hope we do not Swallow the consequences or Duck like a sucker.

Once again I do not mean to ostrich size the council or express any cruel or unusual tweetment. The council has not done anything illEagle. Don’t get me wrong I am not an angry bird but just think birds are for the trees not the streets. May the city council and the city of Kingman soar with the Eagles, gracefully float like a Swan in serving the community and bringing prosperity for all. When that happens we can all coo like a quail and sing like a Nightingale.

Jim Consolato