BULLHEAD CITY – The Bullhead City Police Department will be hosting a free Vehicle Theft Prevention & Awareness event, where officers will provide free VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) Etching. The etching equipment was provided by the Arizona Automobile Theft Authority (AATA) to help law enforcement agencies reduce stolen vehicles.  

 “VIN etching is chemically etching the vehicle identification number onto all windows, which discourages thieves from stealing your vehicle and selling your car parts to unsuspecting customers or chop shops,” said Community Services Officer Lorrie Duggins.  

The public is invited to the Bullhead City Police Department, 1255 Marina Boulevard, on Thursday, May 16 from 3:30 – 6 p.m. 

This year, officers will be on-hand to educate and provide resources on ways to help prevent vehicle thefts, as well as giving away free steering wheel locks for residents who own 2011-2021 Kia or Hyundai vehicles with a steel key ignition (keyless entry/push-to-start vehicles are not impacted). The steering wheel locks will be handed out on a first-come, first-served basis while supplies last. 

Car theft is a serious problem – it is incredibly stressful and often costly and time-consuming for the victims. Some vehicle theft prevention tips include: 

Common Sense 

Lock your car – half of all vehicles stolen are unlocked; Don’t leave your keys in the car; Park in well-lit areas and in attended parking lots; Don’t leave your vehicle running and unattended; Roll your windows all the way up; Don’t leave valuables in plain view; Don’t hide a spare set of keys in the car – criminals know where to look; Park car in the garage. Lock both the car and garage door. 

Warning Devices 

Audible alarms; Steering wheel locks, brake locks or tire locks; Watch Your Car decal program (www.azwatchyourcar.com); Etch your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) on car windows 

Immobilizing Devices 

Smart keys; High security locks and keys; Fuse cut-offs; Kill switches; Starter, ignition and fuel disablers 

Tracking Devices

Are very effective in helping law enforcement recover stolen vehicles. 

For more information, contact Community Services Officer Lorrie Duggins at 928-763-9200 ext. 8204 or email lduggins@bullheadcityaz.gov.