Michael Stalder

KINGMAN – A Kingman man was released from jail when sentenced after pleading guilty to exposing his duplex unit neighbors, including three children, to dangerous carbon monoxide fumes. Michael Stalder, 36, pleaded guilty to three counts of endangerment on Jan. 2 and was set free after spending 110 days in the Adult Detention Center.

Deputy Mohave County Attorney Phillip Delgado said Stalder was found asleep in his running vehicle in his garage where he resided in one unit of a duplex in the 900 block of Sheldon Ave., last Oct. He said alcohol bottles were strewn about Stalder’s home and that public safety officials responded to a report involving noxious odor.

Whether Stalder was trying to take his own life or simply passed out in his running vehicle was not clarified during the hearing, but that no one was hurt and that Stalder survived is remarkable to Judge Billy Sipe.

“You were in there for an hour. It’s amazing that you’re sitting here in court alive,” Sipe said. He ordered three years probation for endangering the children, ranging from four months to two years of age.

“I hope, Mr. Stalder, that this is a wakeup call for you,” the Judge said. “Hopefully you’re going to get some help that you need.”