Jacob Lamacki

LAKE HAVASU CITY – Two law enforcement officers were injured during a scuffle following a routine traffic stop last month, according to a newly-released incident report from the Lake Havasu City Police Department. 

The report authored by officer J.P. Zuege said officer Fuson was on patrol in the area of Mulberry Ave. and Swanson Ave. when he pulled over a vehicle that ran a stop sign early Saturday morning, Oct. 14. Fuson asked the driver, Jacob Lamacki, 24, to step out of the vehicle for field sobriety tests after detecting signs of impairment.

Zuege’s report said Lamacki escalated the encounter when Fuson tried to place Lamack in custody for failing the tests.

“He resisted by tensing up and pulling away from officers. As officers attempted to gain control, Jacob then turned around and head butted an officer,” the report said. “Jacob had to be taken to the ground by officers and while doing so another officer suffered an abrasion to the top right part of the head.”

Officer Hughes reportedly required no medical attention while Fuson was treated at the hospital where five stitches each were sewn to close two, one-inch gashes over his right eye. Lamacki’s injuries were described as minor.

Lamacki reportedly consented to police interview. “He does not remember hitting the officers and believes he accidentally head butted an officer while trying to escape,” the report said.

Lamacki was jailed for aggravated assault upon an officer, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, criminal damage and DUI.