Quinton Edwards

KINGMAN – A probation slip will result in prison for one defendant charged in a child predator sex investigation.

“Sabrina” was the social media handle a Mohave County Sheriff’s detective used in a sting operation targeting sexual predators launched well before the pandemic began. More than a couple of dozen suspects from Las Vegas to Parker were charged through the law enforcement campaign that snared men seeking sex with underage females.

Most defendants were convicted and sent to prison. Quinton Edwards, 28, Golden Valley, is one of a handful of the Sabrina case defendants who were afforded probation and opportunity to avoid extended incarceration.

Edwards was 25 years old when arrested in March of 2020 for a total of nine counts for luring and sexual exploitation of a minor-related counts. He was placed on probation, including six months in jail, and he was ordered to comply with sex offender registration protocols for 15 years.

Edwards pleaded guilty Tuesday, Jan. 9 to violating probation for failing to obtain permission before he engaged in social media communication with an adult who has a minor child. That failure ends his freedom.

The plea deal entered for Edwards involves a stipulated five-year prison term. Judge Doug Camacho scheduled a Feb. 13 sentencing hearing.