Robert Logan

KINGMAN – A local judge has indicated he may reject terms of a proposed plea agreement mandating and restricting punishment to 15 months prison in a deadly shooting involving two Bullhead City men.

Robert Logan, 40, pleaded guilty Monday to negligent homicide for the March 2, 2023 death of Hans Anderson, 56, outside a laundromat in the 1700 block of Highway 95.

Deputy Mohave County Attorney James Schoppmann and defense attorney Jake Baldridge stipulated to the factual basis of the proposed plea. They told Judge Billy Sipe that the men who did not know one another somehow ended up in a fist fight.

“Mr. Anderson had been the aggressor in the fight and got the upper hand on Mr. Logan,” Schoppmann told the court. He said during a brief break in the altercation Logan was able to access his Smith and Wesson and fire the round that killed Anderson.

A witness admitted ingesting methamphetamine with the victim before the fight, according to Schoppmann. He said lab analysis revealed that Anderson had a very high level of methamphetamine in his blood stream during the confrontation.

“I take death very seriously,” Judge Sipe said, putting attorneys and the defendant on notice that he may reject the plea deal at a Feb. 29 sentencing hearing. Sipe expressed reservation that he’d be able to sign off on 15 months’ prison in a case involving death.