Zion Kauffman

KINGMAN – A Golden Valley man has embarked upon a civil litigation binge while spending decades behind bars in the Arizona Department of Corrections. Zion Kauffman, 36, is serving 94 years in prison for sentences imposed in separate criminal cases.

Kauffman was first charged for an air rifle pellet shot that struck an eight-month-old baby in the back of the head in Nov., 2020. Authorities say the victim is unable to walk and faces a lifetime of challenges due to the injury.

Authorities investigating the baby shooting incident discovered that Kauffman possessed child pornography in his phone. Resulting convictions saw Judge Billy Sipe order 24 years for the shooting and 70 years more for the kiddie-porn.

Kauffman, who has renamed himself Luke Z Yochai-Adams-Trimmer, filed suit against the Kingman Miner and three Phoenix television stations. Mohave County Superior Court Judge Lee Jantzen, during a Wednesday hearing, noted that Kauffman claims media coverage of his criminal cases caused him to get beat up and for his family and kids to suffer stress.

Jantzen said Kauffman thinks he should be compensated for suffering associated with the publicity. Jantzen said Kauffman’s complaint is “woefully inadequate”.

Jantzen dismissed the media lawsuit for its lack of specificity. Judge Jantzen for the same reason dismissed another Kauffman lawsuit targeting three local women he alleged stole money from him.

Judge Jantzen also dismissed another Kauffman demand that the names of each of his children be changed. Jantzen said the request is absurd because the mothers of the kids in question had not been served and that they deserve the right to be heard on the matter.

Jantzen said none of Kauffman’s civil pursuits were sufficient to advance or remain in the Court system. He told the defendant he is free to resubmit the matters but that he’ll have to prepare better pleadings for the Court to address them.

Dave Hawkins