Jason Fontes

KINGMAN – Jury trial acquittals last month for attempted murder and aggravated assault were beneficial, but a disorderly conduct with a weapon conviction brings extended incarceration for a Lake Havasu City man. Jason Fontes, 45, appeared for sentencing in Kingman Monday.

“I would like to express that I am definitely grateful that no one was injured,” Fontes said of the violent Oct., 2022 episode involving a woman at her home in the 1100 block of Catalina Dr. Police reports indicated Fontes held a gun to the woman’s head after a verbal argument escalated and that she ducked out of harm’s way just before the weapon discharged.

“I hope that the victim has a fruitful and happy life beyond this,” Fontes told Superior Court Judge Derek Carlisle. He noted he is fond of the woman’s pre-teen son and wishes them well.

Judge Carlisle said he considered character letters submitted on the defendant’s behalf and that Fontes enjoys considerable support from friends and family. He also said a previous hostility related conviction dating nine to 20 years ago were not helpful for the defendant.

Judge Carlisle imposed a two-year prison term, crediting Fontes with 182 days already served in custody.

Dave Hawkins