James Dailey

LAKE HAVASU CITY – A Lake Havasu City man admitted he detonated a box of fireworks at the front entrance of the Lake Havasu City Police Department (LHCPD) early in the new year. Surveillance cameras at the facility located at 2360 McCulloch Boulevard captured much of the event, according to police reports.

No one was hurt in the incident documented by video footage the evening of Jan. 2. Report narratives by two officers reveal a black Chevy Tahoe arrived about 8:27 p.m. and was parked in front of the main entrance to the LHCPD.

One report said a middle-age white male got out of the truck at the driver’s side door before retrieving from the rear passenger door area a red box that he placed by a light pillar at the entrance. It said the subject returned to the vehicle and then back to the box before he apparently poured lighter fluid over it, set it on fire and drove away while the various works were detonating with police, dispatch and jail personnel inside, along with some inmates.

The debris was collected the next day, with burn marks found along the sidewalk and the side of the LHCPD entrance. Review of the footage led authorities to the suspect vehicle, which was towed because its owner, James K. Dailey, was not present when officers visited his Kearsage Ave. address on Jan. 3.

Dailey summoned police on Jan. 4 to report his vehicle stolen. An officer told him they could talk about that at the police station.

“It’s probably because I tried to blow up the PD,’’ Dailey told the officer, according to his report. “I have too many fireworks.”

Dailey made further admissions when interviewed at the municipal jail. Police reports said he spent $300 to purchase the fireworks, that he set some off in various locations and that his memory of the police department part was “vague.”

The report said Dailey’s string of admissions included that he was drunk and stupid, but had nothing against police or law enforcement.

“He felt sorry for the people that were working inside and wanted to give them a show,’’ Dailey told officers. 

“Dailey again apologized and stated he never meant to harm anyone,” stated the report. Police said more fireworks were confiscated from Dailey’s vehicle.

Defense attorney Brad Rideout expects quick resolution of the case by plea agreement, resulting in probation.