KINGMAN – The morning of Tuesday, November 21 a super traveler made a stop at Locomotive Park in Kingman.

Mr. Katiravan Subarayan, a 62 year-old from Malaysia, sold his home and started a fantastic journey on his motorcycle in January 2023. His goal is to travel the world, 106 countries in total, in 20 months while planting trees along the way. To date, Mr. Subarayan has traveled 54,081 miles planting trees in Russia, China, Australia, Japan, Sweden, Canada, the U.S., and many more. You can follow his journey at

Tuesday, Nov 21, at 10am the City of Kingman Parks Department and Office of Tourism hosted Subarayan for a tree planting in Locomotive Park on Route 66, directly across the street from the Powerhouse.

The Pine Lake Fire Department hosted Mr. Subarayan during his stay in Kingman. After the ceremony, he remained a few days in Kingman and a local family will be hosting him for an American Thanksgiving tradition experience. Thereafter he will continue onward through Mexico, Central America, and finally into South America.