LAKE HAVASU CITY – Everyone is welcome to participate in the Young Adult Development Association of Havasu’s Walk Away from Drugs walk.  This month, The Young Adult Development Association of Havasu (YADAH), will mark their fifth year in support of a drug free community.  YADAH is a community team that was created in Lake Havasu to guide the youths of our town.  

YADAH  teams up with coalitions in the area to educate the community about problems surrounding the youths of Mohave County.  Since 2009, their goal is to bring information to the public through activities. One of the missions of YADAH, is to promote a drug free community to youths and their family members.  

YADAH was not formed to just raise awareness about the consumption of illegal substances. The organization also informs the community about other addictions such as alcohol, marijuana, and over the counter medications.  On Thursday October 26th, you will get the chance to join YADAH’s ongoing mission to promote a drug free safe environment at their Walk away from Drugs event.  

Secretary of YADAH Ricarda DeAnda, is looking forward to this year’s walk.  “I enjoy seeing people coming together for this and especially that they get to see the provided resources we will have there.”  The walk is scheduled to take place at Rotary Park at Ramada A. At 5 p.m., everyone will line up, then the walk begin promptly at 5:30 p.m. 

A fun run has also been scheduled. Participants are allowed to walk or run the path that leads to the water. They will walk through the English Village.  The walk and run is 1.61 miles.  Mayor Cal Sheehy, will be presenting a Proclamation to get the event started.  

After walkers return to the Ramada, YADAH will be providing beverages and free tacos complete with music, awards, and an array of resource tables to spread the word.  A guest speaker will also be present along with winners for the poster contest from Telesis students who will be in participation for Red Ribbon Week.

YADAH is always looking for youth and adult volunteers. Whether you’re a wiz with social media, event planning, or organizing, YADAH needs people like you to assist in the their ongoing journey with substance abuse prevention.

For more information please visit Welcome | Young Adult Development Association of Havasu (

Phaedra Veronique