Salvador Gomez after weight loss.

KINGMAN – There is a new King in the town of Kingman! Salvador Gomez has been crowned the 2022 Arizona TOPS King. Taking Pounds Off Sensibly or TOPS for short, is a weight Loss support organization that aims to help individuals reach their health goals and shed unwanted pounds by teaching lifestyle changes that last for a lifetime. In 2022 TOPS supported members in losing a total of 6,691 pounds. Salvador Gomez earned his crown after losing more pounds than any other male TOPS member in the state of Arizona.

Salvador’s weight loss journey started when he and his wife Margie moved to Kingman in 2018. After meeting with his wife’s doctor, they both decided that it was time to make changes for the sake of their health. In 2019, Margie was the one to suggest they join TOPS and Salvador joined as well to be a support to his wife. After one year of making healthier meal choices, enjoying smaller portions, and exercising regularly, Salvador was able to reach his goal weight.

Salvador Gomez before weight loss.

Salvador dropped an astounding 34.6-pounds with the support of his wife and the TOPS. At 76 and 74 years old, Margie and Salvador’s goal was to get healthy. Both declared that TOPS is not a diet plan, it is a lifestyle change that will last a lifetime. TOPS provides members with valuable resources such as literature and peer support. One book provided nicknamed “The Blue Book’ is full of tips and tricks that make it easier to eat right and find alternative ingredients for some of your favorite recipes. The 31 other members of the Gomez’s chapter offer a ton of positive reinforcement for each pound lost and there are even awards offered to the member who loses the most weight each week. Thanks to the education and support received, their chapter is only 17 pounds shy of a total of 400 pounds lost this year alone! 

Salvador and Margie’s major tips for weight loss are to cut back on serving sizes, eat better food and stay active. Eating healthy has not stopped the Gomez’s from dining out on occasion. When they do go out to a restaurant, they always split a single order which benefits their waistlines and wallets. For exercise, they can often be found taking walks in the park, going on bike rides and when the weather is too warm, they will take strolls inside local stores to avoid the heat. Their favorite form of exercise is to turn on some music and dance with each other around the kitchen.

When asked what it meant to be crowned TOPS Arizona King, Salvador said he was shocked. He joined mainly for his wife and was truly surprised when he heard that there was even a chance, he might win King for the state. Salvador weighed in at 231 pounds when he joined and has maintained his goal weight of 190 pounds for more than a year now. Margie has also made huge improvements to her health and Salvador brags about how good she looks since they started their journey to a healthier life. Both are now new member coaches and love to help and motivate new TOPS members. Salvador often encourages couples to join as it provides even more support, positive reinforcement and is a wonderful way to connect with your loved one.

TOPS has been helping men and women change their lives for the better since 1948 and offers two support groups in the Kingman area and thousands across the U.S. and Canada. They offer in-person and online meetings where you can connect with other members who have begun their journey to a healthier lifestyle. Visit for more information or stop by one of the two available chapters in Kingman if you are interested in joining this wonderful community.

Katelyn Larocque