Scam artists are out in full force during the holiday season to take advantage of people’s generosity and busy schedules. The Bullhead City Police Department would like people to be aware that scammers will put a holiday spin on existing scams. The Bullhead City Police Department urges people to be cautious and simply hang up and call the number you know to be legitimate. Never give any money or personal information, unless you initiated the contact. 

Here are some red flags to help identify most scams: 

* The caller is located outside of the country. 

* You are asked to send money via wire transfer, prepaid credit cards, gift cards, Apple Pay, or other suspicious methods that are untraceable!  

* You are threatened something bad will happen if you do not send money or give your personal information. Recent scams have included threats like a warrant for your arrest or a loved one is in jail and needs money. Scammers even fraudulently pose as a relative or a police officer. Several people have reported scammers use a fake caller ID showing the City of Bullhead City or Bullhead City Police Department telephone number. 

* You are told there is an urgency to send money or to give your personal/bank information immediately. 

* You are asked to “fill in the blanks” for people snooping or “phishing” for information. 

* You are urged to keep things a secret. 

* If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Be cautious of online dating and seasonal work-from-home jobs where they ask you to send money. 

* You are asked to donate money to a charity. It’s OK to hang up. If you’re interested, do your research and be sure to donate to a secure, legitimate website!  

For more information on scams, log on to or If you spot a scam, report it at Your reports help the FTC and other law enforcement investigate scams and bring crooks to justice.