LAKE HAVASU CITY – The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Arizona Fire District Fire Crews plan to conduct prescribed fire burning operations at two Lake Havasu National Wildlife Refuge units during the months of January or February. Castle Rock unit, a large cattail marsh totaling approximately 588 acres, will be burned just south of Blankenship Bend and 2-miles west of Lake Havasu Airport. BWR Bridge unit, another large cattail marsh totaling approximately 86 acres, will be burned adjacent to the Bill Williams River Bridge at Highway 95. This unit is near the entrance to Planet Ranch Road.

Depending on weather conditions, fire crews will ignite prescribed burns the second week of January. Fire ignitions could be delayed into February if weather conditions are unfavorable. Both prescribed burns will reduce wildfire fuel loads and revitalize cattail marsh habitats for the benefit of waterfowl, native marsh birds, and refuge wildlife. Prescribed fire is an excellent tool for removing non-native/ invasive species.

Access to the burn units, waterways, and refuge roads will be closed or limited during active fire operations. Please contact the HQ refuge office at 928-667-4144 or Public Affairs Specialist Jessica Zehr if you have questions or concerns.  

The public is encouraged to find up to date information on refuge activities on the Havasu NWR websites at