LAKE HAVASU CITY – Moose International was founded in Louisville, Kentucky in 1888 by then politician Dr. John Henry Wilson.  The original purpose was a men-only social club.  

Over time, organizations began to form in Indiana, Missouri, Ohio, and Crawfordsville. The early order did not really take off. Disappointed, Dr. Wilson abandoned the order prior to the turn of the century. 

It was around the 1890s when editor Albert C. Stevens was putting together his Encyclopedia of Fraternities that was able to confirm the existence of the club. Throughout the years, their fraternal group prevailed and added charitable services to communities.  

Currently, Moose International has over 1,000,000 members. Their residence is in over 15,000 U.S. states including four Canadian provinces as well as Great Britain.   

Moose International donates 75 to 100 million hours of community service annually. In 1972, Moose International formed a club in Lake Havasu City.  The club is a nonprofit and the annual fees from the members are given to the many charitable missions of the Fraternity.  

One of those missions is Moosehaven City of Contentment, a private membership residential community for senior citizens in Orange Park, Florida.  For ages 65 and above, Moosehaven offers a secure retirement preference along with social interactions and activities. 

Through their Mooseheart Program, the organization offers educational programs for children from unstable living environments.  The volunteers of Moose International provide the much-needed resources and provide a healthy and safe environment at their residential childcare facility. 

In Lake Havasu City, the club supports the local community with donations to food banks, Salvation Army, and Teachers Wish List.  The Lake Havasu City location also offers daily activities to their members such as meals, games, and raffles. Their meat raffle is the most popular amongst the members and takes place every Thursday at 4 p.m.  

Do you think you would want to become a Moose International member? Although it is a private organization, Moose International seeks out people with “good moral character,” as stated in their Heard of Moose brochure. 

You must be 21 years or older and be invited by a current member.  To learn more about Moose International  visit  Moose International ( To become a member visit Be A Moose | Moose International (

Phaedra Veronique