LAKE HAVASU CITY – Havasis is an organization of women who share similar values and are committed to giving back to the community. They are dedicated to giving a socially positive atmosphere within Havasu. 

Women can unite and network while participating in unique experiences and events. Havasis believes in spreading their good vibes through fundraising for the elderly, families, and children who are in need.  

Havasis is dedicated to focusing on the positive which is why president of the group Connie Alexander formed the club.  In 2021, the entire world was affected by Covid 19.  

The strong encouragements of social distancing along with the economic crisis of the pandemic left many feeling confused, saddened, even angered.  Alexander took notice of this and decided to take a positive action. 

At first, she formed the group through house meetings. Eventually, the meetings lead to larger gatherings at happy hours in the area.  Turns out, many shared the need to develop healthy relationships and the willingness to be charitable. Today, Havasis has around 1,300 members. 

Havasis is an avid participant with The Food Backpacks 4 Kids. It’s an organization that has given more than 1.5 million pounds of healthy food to families and children. This is one of the many reasons Havasis is a member of Qualifying Charitable Organization (QCO). QCO is a nonprofit team regarded by the State of Arizona Department of Revenue to give needs to certain residents.  

What that means is you can now give up to $400 for a single taxpayer and $800 for those who file jointly. Your tax dollars could go to Havasis, Inc.  

Contributing to Havasis, Inc., keeps the money you’ve earned in Lake Havasu City which is a benefit to the community. A donation is beneficial to the children of the area and gives nutritious food to hungry children as well as safe after school programs. 

Anyone interested can make a check payable to Havasis Inc., for whatever amount you would like to give.  The memo should include section “Form 321.”

Checks can be sent to Havasis, Inc., 55 S. Lake Havasu Avenue, suite F867, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403.  

Havasis will give you a receipt. Forms 321 and 301 need to be completed with your Arizona Tax Return.  

Check out Havasis this year!  The group will be meeting on Wednesday, September 20 at Romano’s, 1519 Queens Bay.  

It’s a great way to meet these remarkable women of our community. This October, Havasis will be celebrating Halloween with their costume contest on Thursday, October 27 at Grapes N Grains, 2187 McCulloch Blvd S.

It will be a fun festive night for adults however, the organization will be accepting donations for Food Backpacks 4 Kids throughout the evening. This December, Havasis will be hosting their Breakfast with Santa Event on December 3 from 9 a.m. to noon at Clovers Restaurant, 790 Lake Havasu Ave.  

Pancake breakfast and goody bags included.  Admission fees will go directly to local children charities. 

What does being the president and director of all of this feel like?  Alexander says, “I love that we are drama free and are working together for a common cause.” To learn more about Havasis or to join visit Hav-A-Sis – Lake ( or Hav-A-Sis Ladies | Facebook

Phaedra Veronique