LAKE HAVASU CITY – Over the past 30 years, the Lake Havasu Marine Association (LHMA)has provided a clean and safe boating environment for boaters in the community. The assocation encourages infrastructure developments  and conveniences needed for a secure boating atmosphere.  They also dedicate their motivations for the sake of the marine industry, the boating public, and their members.

LHMA communicates to the public through their educational programs and events. One of the most commonly known programs is to preserve the beach and lake to ensure that they remain trash free and clean. 

Similar to the National Wildlife Refuges End of Summer Cleanup, LHMA hosted their own end of summer cleanup last month. The association provided trash bags and equipment to volunteers who were assigned specific area to clean up water and vegetation.

Volunteers were assigned specific area and the association provided trash bags and equipment needed for water and vegetation.

Today, the marine association has over 75 community-based businesses and individual volunteers.

LHMA was recognized by the Western States Administer Association for their impressive commitments regarding boat safety education in 2013.  The following year, the association achieved 501-C-3 status and was approved as a non-profit organization. 

Aside from their ongoing mission to promote safe a healthy lake and beach area, LHMA helps boaters with their Designated Captain program, designed to eliminate intoxicated boat operators. This is a service that is much needed especially for holiday weekends.

The winter months are usually a slow season for the organization with activities and event pausing until February. The association ends their busy season with a bang with their Formula 1 boat racing competition with Seebold Sports on October 27.   

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Phaedra Veronique