LAKE HAVASU CITY – Many don’t associate lighthouses with the desert, but Lake Havasu has 28 of them, and the Lake Havasu Lighthouse Club plans to build more in the future. The Lighthouse is a nonprofit group committed to the conservation and progress of Lake Havasu. The lighthouses are replicas but are built with great materials and the club maintains the lighthouses on a regular basis. 

The first lighthouse was built in 2000 and by 2005, the Mohave County Board of Supervisors allowed the club’s sponsorship and funding for a light house of their choice. In 2019, the houses were refurbished with new lights and batteries. Cost for lights was $1,000 for each house, which lasts for about 12 years while batteries could last for about four years. The last one was built in 2020. The west side of the lake has lighthouse replicas designed after the lighthouses of the west coast. 

The light houses that can be seen from the east side of the lake, are replicas of east coast lighthouses. Many of the houses can be seen on land while others can only be seen frolm on the lake. The Lighthouse Club meets every second Tuesday at The Yacht Club. The club’s goal is to give tools for lake navigation and safety with American lighthouses.

To make a donation of become a member visit LHC Lighthouse Club – Famous Replica lighthouses (

Phaedra Veronique