LAKE HAVASU CITY The Lake Havasu City Tractor Supply store is inviting all the young artists out there to celebrate the upcoming holiday season with an Ornament Craft activity.  

On Nov 18, from 10:00am until 2:00pm, the store will host a craft event where young customers can decorate a Christmas ornament with stickers and other colorful extras, while supplies last. The interactive craft provides a fun way for youth to get in the holiday spirit with colorful ornaments in the shape of twinkling lights.  

Once complete, each participant can take their free craft home to decorate their Christmas tree.  

“We enjoy spending quality time with our customers during the holiday season, particularly with a fun, creative craft for the kids to take home,” said Lake Havasu City storemanager, Joe vizcarra. “Ornament decorating sparks the joy of Christmas and encourages the young members of the Lake Havasu City community to use their imagination and creative spirit. Whether our young customers use their ornament as a gift for family and friends or hang it on their Christmas tree, we know they will be proud of their festive creation.”

The event welcomes customers back into the store to shop, explore and celebrate the holiday season with their family and our team members. The Ornament Craft event will take place on Nov 18, 2023 at 3200 Highway 95 N. Please contact Lake Havasu City Tractor Supply store at 928-505-9103 for more details.